Oliver Herring
off the road
(2 excerpts)
2017Areas for Action - Wuzhen
(2 excerpts)
2016Incidental Music
20:53 minIncidental Music (production still)
Kyoto, Japan
Tell Me Can You Smell It
(2 excerpts)
12:14 min
9:05 min
2010Seniors: Center Stage 
Filming in progress
Gojikara Village, Nagoya, JapanSeniors Center Stage
Installation view, Aichi Triennale, Nagoya, JapanAreas for Action: 14 videos (2010-11)
Installation view, Baltimore Museum of ArtMake Believe In Regent Park
5:33 min
2008Howard Street
3:38 min
2007Howard Street: Airborne (Video still)Waterloo Street
4:30 min
2007Ansa Borega
5:40 min
2007Nathan Matthew Sabrina
2004BASIC: Spit Reverse (2002)
Installation view: California State University, Los Angeles, CA Joyce and Davis
6:03 minLittle Dances of Misfortunes
Installation view: Max Protetch, NYLittle Dances of Misfortunes
J. Lifts B (Production still)Little Dances of Misfortunes
Ladders 1 (Production still) Pure Sublimation (Production still)The Sum and its Parts
(2 excerpts)
10:28 min
2000The Sum and its Parts: Mondrian Miek (Production Still)EXIT
(3 excerpts)
8:51 min
1999Video Sketch 4
1:16 min
1998Video Sketch 1
0:45 min
Video Sketches 1-4 (1998)
Installation view: TASK+
University Galleries, College of Fine Arts, Illinois State University, Normal, IL
Video related work
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