Areas for Action > Chengdu 2014

Areas for Action – Chengdu
A4 Art Museum
September 11 – December 4, 2014

The exhibition Oliver Herring: Link in the A4 Art Museum was assembled in 9 weeks and spanned three floors of the museum. The focus of the exhibition was on video, photography performance. Areas for Action was a particular focus and installed in a large gallery. Two new photographic bodies of work, Chengdu, and Chinese Me - Chengdu, were created during the nine weeks. In addition footage was filmed for a new video, 3 Areas for Action performances were organized, and a performative sound sculpture Soundsculpture 1 was created. In addition multiple talks and lectures, education initiatives, and the first TASK Party in China took place. A book will be published in 2018.

Images include volunteers transformed into abstract landscapes, arranged with construction debris, painted with body paint in front of a fake painted horizon, and blowing cigarette smoke.

Chinese Me – Chengdu (Li)
Li volunteered to merge aspects of his life with aspects of the artist’s life for Chinese Me - Chengdu. Li, wearing the artists clothes, goes through his typical evening routine in the artist’s Chengdu apartment.

Areas for Action: Chengdu – Color Spit Duet
Li and Zhou are directed to spit plumes of food dye in preparation for the AFA portion of the exhibition Oliver Herring: LINK. Part of the objective was to “paint” a wall mural as backdrop for photographs and video from pervious AFA performances, as well as for a live performance organized for the opening of the exhibition.

Areas for Action: Chengdu – Photo Cut Out (2 Males and 1 Female)
(More images to follow soon)

Areas for Action: Chengdu – Aluminum Foil
(More images to follow soon)