Shenzhen 2010 > Red, White, Yellow

Areas for Action – Shenzhen
He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China
December 25, 2010-February 20, 2011

26/12/10 AFA-Shenzhen: Red White Yellow
Groups of people wearing only underwear were each painted in either red, white, or yellow body paint. Painted, they climbed on the pedestals of the corresponding color (persons painted red on a red pedestal and so on). Every few minutes I ask one of the groups to change their pose. As the performers grew physically more comfortable with each other and drew inspiration from one another’s poses, their poses changed accordingly. Intermittently, I added accents of glitter to highlight shapes and detail.

Some visitors to the museum spontaneously joined in, stripping down to their underwear, painted their bodies, and joined one of the groups on a pedestal.